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Demba Ba’s ends his football career in a horrific football accident?

by Fichuzi News

Football is an interesting game if not the best loved by a majority of youthful men and a few women. Women have never loved the game.in Kenya it revolves between Gor Mahia and AFC leopards. They have the largest following.

In England, there are teams like Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea having the largest number of fans in Kenya. Liverpool and Manchester City follow, but not closely.

Some of these teams have African players in their squads. At some point, Chelsea had a large number of fans who draw their origin from Africa. One such player was a midfielder Demba Ba.

After being in Chelsea for some time he moved to China. In a march that was hotly contested, he broke his leg in the 63rd minute. Just at the knee point, his leg bent horridly and broke at the joint which was twisted in the opposite side.


Demba Ba

Demba Ba (Lying down): Photo courtesy of Standard Digital

To show serious concern for the incident, the first aid doctors got into the field without a stop by the referee and begun their treatment in a sorrowful eight-minute stop of the game. The doctors have since confirmed the scenario and fear that the youngster may not make it to the pitch again. However, if the situation is maintained then he would be back after seven months to a year.

Playing football is a tricky game as it comes with risks from an agitated opponent. For a thrilling ninety minutes, it is not easy to contain tempers. In the just concluded Euro Cup Finals, Christiano Ronaldo had thy injury whose treatment did not come out successfully. He did not last a minute before he threw a way the captains band in a show of disgust. His co-striker and former Manchester united player Louis Nani then took over the headship of the tea as captain.

Such events are worrying and would be abhorred by various team members, fans and club management. They might cost the team a mile and arm.


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