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Money matters- clean money or Dirty?

by Fichuzi News

Are you having clean money?

Money is the door to several things. It can do all that we want. It can buy land, take us to school and make us happy. We go to school to get a job and earn money.

I am at the shores of the Indian Ocean, somewhere called Mkomani. To my left there is the Voyager English Resort. Behind me, Fort View Resort stands. It is obvious that a Fort is opposite this resort. It is Fort Jesus. The oceanic view is captivating. Nothing entices like philosophizing with nature.

I then see a luxury speed boat cruising the waters. The waves knock it at determined intervals. One imagines what would happen if it sank into the water. God forbid.

Apart from this place, other regions along the beaches are full of hotels. People are resting and enjoying their time. Bottles which are not really of soft drinks stand obediently before them. The table support the glasses loyally. The glasses are not willing to disappoint. Back to the Voyager, I realize at the glass structure. The architecture did his best to bring the hotel into existence.

This is wealth. Real wealth. But why have all these wealth? How was it obtained in the first place?

I have for a long time wondered what human beings are looking for in money. It is the most difficult thing to comprehend. They are yearning for luxury. In life there are three things done with money. First is to fulfill the basic needs, then secondary needs and finally the luxury. In Kenya it gets to the fourth, which is power. Power is to protect the wealth.

There are no problems in owning properties. The problem and big question is how it was received. The coastal city is known for drug addiction. Most youths use hard drugs. Who sells to them? We know people who have been mentioned in drug cases. Some do businesses. Try interfering with their businesses and you die (remember the Arturs’ case?).

Drug dealing is a cartel which my sources tell me even the president knows. He knows this because he is the commander in chief of the security forces. The Kenyan Intelligence and the CID have information about drug barons.

Apart from drugs, there are corrupt leaders. Our governors are making wealth from county funds. The MCA positions are some of the most battled in the current political system. There are thieves around. Some have grabbed lands and built mansions and industries.

After people receive their money, what they do should be questioned. Do they finance violence? Do they bribe people in government? Do they use it to acquire other dirty wealth? Have they supported the poor to get some education? I give up and let the entire humanity decide if the money they have is clean or not. Also important is what they do with it. They will have to account for everything.


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