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Where are McDonald Mariga and Dennis Oliech?

by Fichuzi News


We tend to forget our stars so fast. For the past three years, only Victor Wanyama in the football industry has been featuring in news amongst our international footballers. The rest appear to have been forgotten. At some time, Mariga and Dennis Oliech could move around town headed by a way-clearing police siren. Those are moments when they were international players with a lot of money in their pockets. I am not saying they are broke now.

Time has passed, and these onetime lethal weapons on the football field have lost the glory. The players have been out of the picture for a long time. Nobody speaks of them except when some persons want to advertise on their blog. They will publish a controversial story about the footballers o attract readers. Well, not recommended.

Having shown their talent in football, they were destined to greater heights. It is not clear the circumstance under which they stopped playing football. Mariga went to heights of playing for Inter Millan football club. Oliech played for Auxerre. Today we cannot hear about them.

At times the life of Dennis Oliech comes to the surface like that of a struggle and meekness. Mariga was on the news after he had an injury on the pitch. Today, nobody knows of his whereabouts. This is an unfortunate case of the two.

We do ignore heroes and forget them forever. We have not invested all our energy and passion in developing games. Football is one of its kinds. For these footballers, we need to be keen on their whereabouts. Our country needs a strategy in which sportsmen will be under check, and their lives kept promising. The case of Congestina Achieng’ is another one. Our athletes disappear faster than they rise.

These acts of neglect are worrying for an underdeveloped country like ours. Care should be taken to bring them back to the light, their care is advanced so that they may serve us in developing other talents.

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