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Did a wrestling champion beat seven police officers?

by Fichuzi News

Two parallel videos are going on about the police. One is in Kenya and the other in Ukraine. In Kenya a single police had managed to control the situation and got a gun from an assassin who had two. The man had threatened to shoot the police.

In Ukraine the police had a tough time dealing with a former gold medalist Vyacheslav Oliynyk. He was a wrestling champion. The man had fought seven police officers who wanted to arrest him.

The former wrestling champion had been found driving under the influence of alcohol. He had first refused to submit to the police. Later met the wrath of day when he was sprayed with paper and beaten on the head by batons.  Blood was oozing out.


Several police officers were seen falling when they came in contact with the wrestling champion. It was in the interest of time that seven officers gathered efforts and courage to have him arrested. The seven officers had to take advantage of the effect of paper that kept him in tears.

The champion was celebrating his 50th birthday when he got high on drinks.

Police officers face danger in a world where people are increasingly becoming criminals. Last week seven officers were killed in Kenya, one of them being a one-month married Recce squad officer. It was a painful ordeal in Kapenguria. On Monday this week, a video was going round of an officer who risked his life to disarm a criminal.

It is time our officers got more protection and insurance covers. The world is never safe any longer. Police are to protect us only if they are protected. Having a gun can only be a target for guns. Other slayers and hoodlums will use guns to fight them. They have mastered the art. Besides, working as a group will increase their chances of survival.


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