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Too bad. South Sudan’s latest war was brewed in Kenya

by Fichuzi News

We have become slaves of social media. Verbal insults are all over. If people could experiment this, then there are two things that would happen; either Facebook will be avoided or everybody will fight and die. So many people can just anger you on Facebook.

For the past few days, almost a week, South Sudan has hit headlines around the world. Headlines of violence. There are reports that the two sides allied to the President (Kiir) and vice president (Machar) have been attacking each other. But how did the war start?

kiir n deputy

President Kiir (left) and his vice Machar.


James Gadjet had informed the vice president’s army that he was detained. That was the beginning of everything. The matter was then updated on social media, sending the country ablaze. This update is alleged to have been done in Kenya, at the South Sudan embassies. See how Facebook lies can destroy the world!!!


A member of Machar’s security team who appeared charged tried unsuccessfully to make his way to the alleged place of detention. During that time, they had a meeting with the president and later was accorded an honor to be escorted by some security officials to his residence. The two leaders have been political enemies after the country attained independence five years ago. The country ceased being members of former Sudan which currently appears peaceful.


As at now, 272 people have been confirmed dead in the country. Power struggles are as bad as this. They will keep the country in jeopardy or brew anarchy every time information is not well relayed. It is now clear how silly mistakes we make on social media can cause lives. Whoever made this update should be prosecuted as a lesson to the rest.

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