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Is Matiang’i behind burning of schools?

by Fichuzi News

Education cabinet secretary has a headache to treat. Unrest in schools falls squarely in his docket. The students of today are doing their worst. They are sending their buildings in flames. They have missed the point that one does not burn their future.

Education cabinet secretary, Matiang’i had a tough time on Monday. He had submitted a report to the Senate Committee on Education over the unrest in schools. During the presentation, he met tough questions on torching of schools. His response was that he has no hand on the current state of affairs.

Reasons why the cabinet secretary had to be asked this comes from an assumption that students do not want to be in schools for longer periods in second term. The second term was extended by some two weeks from the normal. It is because of the short time the third term will be for other students not doing their last years examinations. That could be the major case.

Extending a term by two weeks should not cause unrest. Two weeks is short and one can easily adjust to. I would say the passion to learn is no longer in our children.

There are other introductions to the education system that would make the students uneasy. Banning of mobile phones in schools and shortening the exam periods are examples. It has created tension in students as they fear for the little time they will have for revisions.

Finally, the parents will not be able to visit them in schools. Visitations during third term is banned. Prayers will not be conducted. They will have to be faithful and depend on the intercessory prayers of the people. For people who are used to these things, we cannot rule them out as possible causes of unease.

Without concluding anything, it is better to analyze these factors. Investigations would help find the source of trouble in these schools. The cabinet secretary has shown his ability to reduce exam cheating and introduced stringer measures. The students are worried and thinks the best way to raise concern over the same is to burn the schools. Somebody missed the point.

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