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Find out who wants Matiang’i out of office.

by Fichuzi News


Cabinet secretary Fred Matiang’i is a restless man. He is facing the hardest times of his leadership as a cabinet secretary. In the education docket, he has tried his best to sanitize the system. He has introduced measures that will help curb the exam leakage.
That looks like the major source of trouble. With the information going round that people used to buy examinations to score higher, they are likely to have headaches and pressure. They have feared working for what they need to write to pass the papers.
In the beginning of this week, a report had been tabled to explain the reasons for the strikes and burning of schools. It is the case of examination cheating. The students are said to have contributed some money to help in buying the papers. Little did they know that Matiang’i was to come on board as the cabinet secretary of education.
Some of the measures include banning visitation and midterms on third term. They are also to rely on intercessory prayers of their parents, relatives and friends as they prepare for the examinations. Mobile phones have become an issue and they are also banned in schools.
The cabinet secretary has become too serious so that the quality of education in Kenya would be restored. The current students are used to drilling and would not want to work harder. That is the cause of fear. With the teachers having benefited from these funds raised for the buying of papers, they are agitated and would want a way of expressing their agitation.
Burning of schools is the only option they have. Little do they know that they are burning their future? In the history of Kenya, schools have never been on flames like it has happened this year. This is a wrong way of expressing dissatisfaction.
For the president, he needs to ensure the CS is in office to restore the quality of education.

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