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A woman in Kiambu lures an MCA into ‘sleeping’ with her

by Fichuzi News

A MCA on Thursday related how a companion supposedly attracted him to a house in Kiambu Town where she and her partners blackmailed cash from him.

Kijango Ward Rep Matiru Mwarage told a court that Ms Catherine Wanjiku, whom he was meeting for business, baited him to her home where a man raged in and blamed him for laying down with his better half.

Mr Matiru was affirming for a situation in which Ms Wanjiku and Ms Millicent Wairimu have been accused together of others of denying him of Sh53,000.

The MCA said the indicated spouse touched base with Ms Wairimu.

He said the man attacked him before requesting him and Ms Wanjiku to disrobe and go to the room.


Mr Matiru said another man went to the room and took their photos, undermining to uncover him unless he separated with money.

The MCA said he was reclaimed to the lounge and requested to sit on a wet floor. He was told the matter would end there in the event that he separated with Sh100,000 the said spouse asserted he had paid as lady cost.

“They requested Sh100,000 and said I could take Ms Wanjiku as my significant other,” Mr Matiru said, adding they even undermined to cleave off his privates.

The lawmaker said he let them know he just had Sh23,000.

“They requested me to call companions and clarify that I had been found laying down with somebody’s better half and expected to raise Sh100,000, which I did,” he reviewed.

After further transactions, Mr Matiru said, they settled on Sh50,000 and he was to pay Sh23,000 after which they would drive to Nairobi, where his companion was to give them Sh30,000.


“Subsequent to giving over the cash, I was advised to spruce up however when we ventured out of the house, I yelled for help to the general population working at a close-by development site,” he said.

Mr Matiru said Ms Wairimu and the picture taker dashed off in an auto while the indicated spouse fled by walking.

Ms Wanjiku was captured in a close-by house, while Ms Wairimu was looked up some other time.

The MCA said he later learnt the blamed had gotten another Sh30,000 from his companion through M-Pesa.

The listening resumes on September 9.

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