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Legacy to the world

by Fichuzi News

I feel spiritual today. And I am reminded by the bible about men of faith and good works. These were trusted people whom God used in one way or another. They fulfilled God’s purpose in the ways He wished. There is some obstinacy before these people would succeed. The hearts of these men were regaled by the fear of their inabilities.

Noah built the largest ark in history. Moses liberated the people out of Egypt. Job proved to be the most faithful person to God. Jonah had to be swallowed by some fish before being spat in Nineveh. I need to know the type of fish, whale or dolphin?

After all these, God found it necessary to save the world once more. He gave us his own son. That was a generous provision for this world. He was killed in a manner more horrible than had been experienced.

After all these are ended, the Bible finalizes that there is a last destruction coming forth. During and after the floods, God promised not to destroy the world in the same way again. It is also recorded that Satan has few days on earth and is trying to accomplish its destructive work before Christ comes back (like a thief) to take his children.

At that moment when Christ will be back, people will have regrets. The reasons why some people might not make it to heaven is known by God. To some people, they will wish that time would have been extended to prove their worth of heavenly glory.

I am more concerned at the things we have been doing on earth. Most people have done more wrongs than good. Evil is addictive. It takes grace to resist it.

What we have been called to do to humanity is simple. Doing good is never easy and it’s never difficult. It has disappointments, discouragements and difficulties. Most people have given up as soon as the first disappointment hits. Ways of solving things has never been found. When you find a way forward amidst all these, you’ll get the urge to do more.

In the current world, we have no shortage of examples of people who have done their best to humanity. Mother Teresa is an example. She fed the poor, she was the guardian to orphans as well as preaching to us the word of God. I am sure, God rewarded her.

Today, there are people who have worked hard to do what Mother Teresa did. Children’s homes have been set up. Red Cross and non-governmental organizations have worked hard to improve lives. Look at doctors, they care for people without fear or favor.

It is our high calling. We need to do our best to leave some admirable legacy in this world. Let it not be murmured that we were drug peddlers, barons, thieves, prostitutes, corrupt leaders and hyena. We need to hate these name callings. We need to remember that we will be accountable at some point. Accountable to the creator.

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