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This is why IPSOS should be banned in Kenya

by Fichuzi News

Political research and opinions have been a thorn in our flesh as it misinforms the public. It has resulted into vile debates and ethnic disgorges. Of what importance are they?

When IPSOS does their research, most people have an interest in the political standings of the major presidential hopefuls. Currently, the opinion revolves around Raila and Uhuru. Every time a survey is tallied, whatever the results, a reaction will always come. They have for a long time been accused of preferentialism and serialization of their investigation.

The latest research by IPSOS majored on hunger. The results are in terms of percentage of the CORD and JUBILEE supporters sleeping without food. This is an abuse to our ears.

As a country trying to heal, using political stands to point out to a problem affecting everybody in the country is wrong. It is a mockery. Their tallies show that 49% of CORD supporters go without food compared to 16% of Jubilee supporters. What does this point to us?

First, a layman would argue that CORD has made their people poor and cannot afford food. Second, it would signpost the coalition as not doing enough to feed its people. Third, it may be a political strategy so that the supporters avoid supporting the coalition.

Affording food is never an effort of the leaders. They are not to feed us. It remains the work of an individual to feed himself and herself. Does it mean these people are so lazy? I don’t know!

Let the people realize that the government should ensure poverty levels are reduced by fighting corruption and favoritism in development issues. It should safeguard evenhanded employment. Synovate has gone below par in their standards.

These improvements would ensure a food security and provision of social amenities. If they cannot afford food, will they afford hospital bills? It is necessary that this research body be tamed in ensuring national cohesion is well handled. Let survey firms not ignite fires by the results or captions of their polls. The people they interview are also never seen. From a population of forty million people, doing their research on two thousand is statistically insignificant.

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