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Bro. Francis Atwoli Undying Love for Mary Kilobi

by Fichuzi News

Francis Atwoli surprised many by admitting that he is indeed in love and married to the beautiful Mary Kilobi. He claims that whatever he says must always come to pass, be it politics or any other subject. He met with the 34 year old Mary Kilobi who is now half his age in Uganda, when she was just 21 and he fell in love with her then. He promised her that he would wait for her to mature even if it would take 1000 years and he will marry her. Sure enough, 13 years later they are married and seem to be having a peaceful marriage.

Francis Atwoli who holds several leadership positions in the country and beyond, claims to be a Luyha elder and cannot disgrace himself by hiding or not following the laid down procedures of getting a wife. And says that he has done all that is required by the society and cultural systems. He is however not ashamed of his polygamous status though he is still a devout catholic and the fact that his first wife who he truly respects has roles to play in their church.

The proud father of 17 children; revealed that he released his second wife to politics and now considers Mary Kilobi to be his second wife. Francis Atwoli stated clearly that he respects women and cannot do anything to harm them. He seems to have great respect for his children too.

Francis Atwoli describes Mary Kilobi as beautiful, loving and caring. He said he will not be willing to date or even marry another woman since he is well taken care of by Ms Kilobi. He is aspiring to give her the best life and even buying her a comfortable car is what he is looking forward to. If his lifestyle is something to go by, for instance like owning an over 5 million watch!  Also that whatever he says come to pass, definitely he will do what he has promised.

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