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10 Characteristics Of A Wife Material

by Fichuzi News

Characteristics Of A Wife Material

Every single man wants to settle at one particular time or another. The need to have a Kihiki Understanding is inevitable. To walk down the aisle is a woman’s thing, I hear some men nowadays do (hii ndio umama). Divorce cases are on the rise and separation is still high. This may be due to the increased or advancement of technology. It is now possible to know a cheating spouse. Talk of mobile apps where you can install an app in your spouse’s smartphone and you instantly get the message exchanges between the cheaters.

If you plan to walk her down the aisle look at the following qualities or characteristics of a wife material

God fearing

No man want to marry an ‘outside’ woman. A woman who talks of clubbing 24/7, smokes, drinks more than you, should never be ‘wifed’. Woman, if he clubs with you 24/7 he will never marry you, he is just using you. Just to say the least. I have seen some men into church from attending clubs just to get that choir girl. I wouldn’t like my 2 yr kids to be dundai ing in the house. This is the best of characteristics of a wife material.

Know How to cook

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Men love food. We all do. Well cooked food will attracts good men to your life. If your woman is the kind who complains of nails getting dirty, run for your dear life she will sit there and order junk from steers. Be wise and throw her out before things advances to irreversible stages, it is never too late bro.


Down to earth

Men love simple woman. Not the ones you will find in Uhuru Park during the working day but the one you can take to Uhuru Park for some chilling mode when mullah is running from you. This is a woman who will stand by you through thick and thin, with or without.

Respectful and not Nagging

Never marry a woman who isnot respectiful t your family and friends. It’s a virtual principle that we should all have. Respectable should never be bargained. If she nags, look for another and replace her the very day. They are not 12.A nagging woman should be avoided like a virus.


This adds to ‘Down to Earth’. A woman who is suppportve will stand by you when you don’t have an income. It’s the kind of woman who will support your family until you get back to your feet. Her money is not hers,, it’s the family money.


Trust is very crucial to every relationship.  A trustworthy person is that person you will entrust your life with and those of your children plus valuable properties.

Clean and generous 

Cleanliness is second to God. Men love clean and organized women.  You wouldn’t like to get your socks everywhere. you wouldn’t like to be begging for the gooddies now and then. its your wife not your sister


How she spends her money is a big question. We all need to save at one particular time or another. If she is the kind of a girl who changes nails, hair, henna etc on a weekly basis, you need to apply for a position in Dela looo. If not then that may not your future wife. If you need to know her better take her to a supermarket, the way she hugs them supermarket shelves will give you a green or a redlight. If she saves more than spending then she has a characteristics of a wife material

Clean and cute

This should have been the second item after God Fearing. Who would mind seeing his/her baby in those jelly adverts and not billbloards for saidia maskini (help eradicate poverty). You dont need a rockt science to know this

Just go out there and look for her.

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