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President Uhuru declines being the leader of Jubilee Party!

by Fichuzi News


On Friday the Jubilee Party was registered. The President and Deputy President have encouraged other party leaders to join in the train that will take them to the next election. TNA, URP, APK and FORD-Kenya are parties that have so far announced their termination followed by their leaders joining the new party.

The party which Uhuru Kenyatta and Ruto would have been the leader and Deputy leader respectively do not have a leader as at now. President Uhuru has declined taking that position of honor because he is not yet elected. Sources close to the party officials stated that he insisted that a free and fair election would and must be followed to find a party leader.

The elections will be done later in the year according to their timeline and program for development. The official launch is on September this year.

There are lessons people can learn from President Uhuru Kenyatta. He has accepted and taken position of humility. He do not want to pose as a leader before people would confirm him as one. One thing we are sure of is he will be elected as the party leader during the coming party elections. This decision is still interesting to people and nobody has protested.

Democracy is expensive and requires determination. It is however adorable. Kenya needs to adulate it by all means in this democratic space that was brought to them courtesy of the struggle in the 90’s. The fruits are befitting our time and period when we need to act as we fought for.

Other coalition and party leaders can use this as an example to make Kenya more democratic than we had fought for. America is in a different standard and are more democratic than us. It will take us time to reach that level. However, such beginnings are the show of what is at the end of the tunnel.

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