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Meritocracy in Kenyan Politics

by Fichuzi News

Kenyan politics is full of meritocracy, chauvinism and tribal dictatorship. You are either with him or you lose.William Ruto, Raila Odinga, Uhuru Kenyatta, Kalonzo Musyoka, Moses Wetangula have all held Kenyans hostage.

The decisions of these guys are always held as true, politically. Sometimes we fail to see a lot in what they do. Currently the opposition has rallies and thanksgiving ceremonies to people who were accused of breaking rules of cohesion. You wonder how idle people are!!

In other places, mostly with lesser populations, they have installed held their right hands high to make them popular. During elections, they become senior campaigners. For a fact, it is difficult to be elected if you are not in their political trains. Are we in a political mortgage market?

I am currently upset by the hecklings by a section of ODM Legislators. They have a mandible to gnaw with the party’ssecretary general, Ababu Namwamba. There are two alarming issues around this.After the general elections, the party had intentions of reorganizing itself in preparation for the next general elections.

Even before that, positions like secretary general and chairmanship were awarded to individuals on consensus. They were trying to avoid any dissenting voices from exiting the party. It is at this time when Ababu was awarded the same position.


Secondly, most people seem to be angry at the brilliant nature of Ababu Namwamba. He is a smart man. Normally, when dealing with smart men people find it difficult to subject them to kneel. The first time he got to parliament, he showed loyalty this party leader. It is this that makes most party members, and majorly the “hecklers” protest his moves.

A few weeks ago the Korean President was in Kenya, and Hon Raila had lunch in state house. Thank God anther Cord co-principal was not invited. If Raila were out of the country, and Kalonzo around, one of the co-principals would have been invited for the same lunch. Guess what they would have said. “Watermelon”.

Enough of history. Kenyans are a haunted people. Politics have derived from us the moral of reasoning. In mathematics, one can differentiate an equation until they cannot differentiate it anymore. The leaders have differentiated us. We cannot think anymore.

The secretary general has claimed that his hands are tied. Surely, nobody works if their hands are tied. It comes at a time that the political momentum is picking on gear one. Next year is an election. It may work to the advantage of the opposing party. Too bad.

In 2009, Ms. Martha Karua resigned from the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs because of political interference. When William Ruto differed with Raila Odinga, he got sacked. Where is Omingo Magara these days? Look at Raphael Tuju, a brilliant leader who cannot be elected because of his political standing.

This style of operation will continue for a long time. Nobody is allowed to think and act independently. The political future of this country looks endangered.

Our neighbors in Tanzania are more than a hundred tribes. If asked to mention a few tribes in that country, I will barely reach five. It is because they are not in tribal wars. Right now, few people remember Edward Lowassa, who was the political competition to Magufuli. If that would have been the situation, we would have better relations with one another. They say “jenga taifa, halafu nchi”.

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