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Kofi Olomide jailed!

by Fichuzi News

Kofi Olomide

Just a few moments after writing about his arrest, Kofi Olomide has been confirmed an inmate in DRC. It is that short. The speed at which the courts handled the matter is marveling. I have not gotten into the details of his charges. What mattered is that he was arrested, charged and found guilty. It is not a happy moment.
For the next one and a half years, Kofi Olomide will be in jail. That’s a destruction enough for the music industry he runs. He has to be in, eat beans and face the reality of charge. I am not sure how his wife and family will be taken care of. Maybe “team mafisi might jump to the opportunity”. Not sure whether they are in DRC as well.
This is a concern for the whole world. The lady who was assaulted, however low she may be compared to Olomide, has found justice. This is an example and all the countries should not accept assault of juniors by seniors.
It is an unfortunate moment for the maestro bigwig as his conduct has landed him in the fire.
I always say that celebrities have given us a share of their good. However, when it comes to ethics, they have failed to show proper examples. Kenya has a pending case of Prezzo who was charged at a police station in Emakasi for threat to misuse his gun.
To those who are lovers of Rhumba, starting with Obachi Machoka, they will have to wait for long to see this man out. They will miss him on scene. It is also advisable to condemn these incidents. The law has to be followed to the latter and by all and sundry.
Finally, it is wise to get out oneself out of family troubles. It may be a curse to the lady from an old man. Let her remember to keep of trespassing into boundaries forbidden to her.

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