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Kenyans Hilariously Plead With Miguna Miguna to Unblock them on Twitter

by Fichuzi News
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Kenyan Twitter airspace was on Monday treated to hilarious pleas by a section of Kenyans from across the political divide who had for various reasons fallen out of favor with former Nairobi Governor Candidate Miguna Miguna over his stance on matters leadership and governance. Arguably one of the most feared Twitter personalities in Kenya, Miguna Miguna is a straight talker who minces no words, sometimes landing him in trouble leading to stinging comments from some quarters of the political divide, to which he responds to with blocking.

However, on Monday evening a section of those who have fallen victim to his Twitter guillotine requested that they be unblocked, pleading that since then they have ‘grown up’.

But first they had to go through a mediator, Mr. Leon who passed the information to Miguna Miguna.

Here was the mediating tweet;

Leon Lidigu: Good evening @MigunaMiguna, I have a number of pple(sic) asking me to vouch for them so that you consider unblocking tem. They have grown up.

Comments poured in from tweeps who are believed to be in Miguna’s twitter cold room. Here are samples;

@nyabutolilian: Tell him I have grown up too…And am a good girl now…

@regomitto: Include me…I’m a patriot

@PInfinate: Am one of them, Kindly do unblock me. Thanks

@ChairmanMuthus: Niko hapa

@gordon_oyugi: start with me

@mgemamwema@ include me there. He blocked me two years ago but I’m now his number 1 fan

@Komondi89: Let him unblock me too

@agutu_bernard:  Hata mimi unblock plz

@johnokach: Please tell him to unblock me. I will behave

@Barbrize: Tell him I too have grown up

@EzraMaingih: I have grown too

@makagutu_o: I cant tell why Miguna blocked me

@IreneNjambi4: lol…unblock me

Well, for those who sent their unblock requests, I believe the former Nairobi gubernatorial candidate is considering them since for a fact we are sure he received them after liking Leon’s post. Message home. What we are not sure is what he plans to do with them. Let’s pray he don’t deconstruct you from Twitter altogether!! He can as well hack into your brains to get your passwords to achieve this.

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