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Why are wives planning to kill husbands in Kenya?

by Fichuzi News

Over the past few weeks, news of wives planning to do away with the lives of their husbands have commanded criminal calendars in media platforms. Most of the cases are thwarted by the police. Someone asks himself why the police could not thwart Al Shaabab’s plans in Westgate.

How the police get the first tip about these organization of crimes is still a mystery or their secret. The story we have is from the time they thwart the moves. In proper analysis it shows how the police are grade one intelligent creatures. The move deceives the assassins and their master.

Later, we hear the news making rounds. At such times, Facebook is awash with comments. That is when one wishes they never had Facebook accounts. Since they have a freedom of expression, they have their say. The only unanswered question is why the wife was planning to kill the husband.

First, it is not the husband. Most of these arise after a divorce. In my research, I have noticed that co-ownership of some businesses. Upon divorce, they must have shared their wealth according to the Marriage Act of 2014 (you need to read it in advance if you think your marriage will come to such a state). Part 10 to 12 discusses the dissolution of marriages, conflict resolution, and upkeep of the spouse together with the children.

In Kenya, men seem to face a lot of problems when marriages are dissolved. The woman has always had the advantage of getting what she never worked for. It is greed. Upkeep is a man’s business, though, the mother can also be subjected to provide for the husband when they divorce. In our society that will appear awkward.

Circumstances  where wives planning to kill husbands is seen where the divorced or separated couple still co-own a business premise is the major problem. Sharing the earnings has always led to these plots to kill. The women do this easily because they understand their former husbands (in case of divorce). They know their moves, friends and everything that can lead to tipping the men. And by the way, people rarely change places they walk to, buy things from and friends. Some women have even used close relatives to plan the assassinations.

I have noted with serious disturbance that the common story behind all these attacks are some business. Reports flow that women have this envy for the wealth and would not let go.


The Kenyan laws, if strongly applied will reduce such cases. Any human being who kills, plans to kill or is an accomplice of planners should be subjected to some longer times in prison. The bible condemns killing or plans to do evil to the neighbor. The one who suffers the most in these wives planning to kill husbands thing is children. They will live without their daddy.

However, we are warned that the people will be angry with each other in the end times. These are just the onset of what will happen at the end times.

It is to be remembered that some may also kill without any disagreement with the spouse. Reasons are not known. Here, I give no advice. It may require a crusade first, as Mugabe says.


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