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Taj mall demolished

by Fichuzi News

Kenyans have been anticipating the going down of the Airgate center formally known as Taj shopping Mall. With the recent demolitions which at the moment seem to have stopped, Kenyans thought that Taj mall will finally be demolished to pave way for proper road construction. In fact, a picture showing initial plan of how the Taj mall roundabout would look like has been circulating on social media platforms.



The tenants and mall management had been given a notice to vacate the premise. The notice has since expired and no one apart from the curious residents of Nairobi County seems to be bothered to follow up on the demolition promise.


The County governor has gone silent on the matter too despite having shown great efforts in demolishing other buildings which were constructed on illegal grounds.




The interesting part is that one of the tenants seems not to be bothered at all and has went ahead to remain in the building and continue to operate business as usual.

Rams supermarket which many believe to be owned by a powerful person in the government has been confidently advertising using printed posters that they are still in operation.

Rams supermarket owner definitely knows something other people do not know. So if you have been waiting for Taj mall to be demolished, you should also think of the possibility of it not being touched at all.



TAJ MALL finally demolished.

This took place on September 15th 2018.

Taj Mall demolished

Taj Mall demolition Underway

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