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You will not believe what they did to Maina Njenga’s wife

by Fichuzi News

Anytime there is mention of Maina Njenga, people feel scared. It is like a poisonous snake has visited on bed. He is the former Mungiki boss. Mungiki, is a banned militia group that tortured, maimed and killed thousands of people in central parts of the country. It did more devastation in the 2007 post-election violence. Whoever hired them is not known, though investigations point to figures. The truth is never sealed forever, one day it will come out.

Maina Njenga received the word of God. He repented his sins and was prayed for severally by the Goldenberg scandal suspect Kamlesh Pattni. Today, I believe he is still a saved man, by the blood of Jesus.



Maina Njenga: Former Mungiki Boss

After denouncing allegiance to the banned sect, he received threats and attempts on his life. He once escaped death narrowly after an accident was admitted to a hospital where several leaders visited to console him.

On one fateful day, the assassins caught up with his wife, Nyakio. After assassins took millions of shillings from Maina’s wife, she was slashed on the head. Just that way, she was dead and forgotten. This was done by a death squad, that was tasked to deliver while dead a notorious man from Mungiki, Ndung’u wa Wagacha. When he was trailed, he was with Maina’s wife, Nyakio. The murder then took place in Emali, along Mombasa Road.

Maina’s wife was killed without plan, she was a witness to the gory works of the death squad. Fear was that she would reveal the identities of these people. After their killing, their bodies were transported to Gatundu where they were dumped.

It is clear how death squads in Kenya can be lethal. They have been mentioned in several cases of assassinations. Their calculations are always meticulous. Maina’s wife case was just an unfortunate one.

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