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Why you need some daily reading

by Fichuzi News

Why you need some daily reading

Earlier this year, around 20th-25th of March Kenyans used a term they never understood. It was “equinox”, a geographical term which refers to that phenomenon when the sun is overhead at the equator with the day equal to night.

The equality is on 21st March. At such a time, for those who have no idea, the area around the equator receives high heat intensity. It is because the sun’s beams which travel through shorter distances to the equatorial region strike at right angles, with little wave interference (you will need to understand some trigonometry and concepts of light here).


As Kenyans were talking about these terms, I had a chat with a friend and amazingly he said to me to me. “Kenyans all know equinox, including those who disliked geography in high school.”

There was no pause as one would have expected. I intoned and reminded him to ask Kenyans where such terms would be found and they will tell you it is none of their business. Theirs end where their ears can grab, thanks to whoever reminded people of this term.


What does that tell us of our country? It’s a fact we don’t love reading. Kenyans would not dare read what is not “in their field of work” so to speak. But even what in their field is not comprehensively read. Ask for example a photographer how a camera flash operates and you will find no answer. Poor people.


The simple thing is this; read, understand and be able to interpret what happens around your life. When you have knowledge you will crave for more. We have a poor reading culture. If you can overcome such barriers of wrong attitude towards books, you can find it an enjoyable thing being in different environments. Read! Read! Read! And read MORE.

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