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What to Buy for a Newborn Baby in Kenya

by stepkans

These items are easily available in baby shops in Kenya and Kamukunji market stall in a slightly lower price.

  1. Nursing pillow

This is very important especially for comfort because it will prevent your back from hurting as you and your young one learn breastfeeding.

  1. Baby clothes

e.g.  Rompers, vests, onesies, blankets, hats, socks and mittens


  1. Diapers

Huggies are the best for a new born because they are of good quality and proper fitting for a new born. Later you can experiment with other brands to choose from.

  1. Mild soap

It is very important to use mild soap because the skin of a new born is extremely sensitive. Even the branded baby soaps may cause rashes hence it is recommended to use bar soaps like sunlight and as the baby grows you can later experiment with your favourite brands.

  1. Coconut oil or Arimis

These two has proven to be mothers favourite when it comes to baby oil and petroleum jelly

  1. Cotton wool or baby wipes

For a new born, it is best to use warm water and cotton wool when wiping them because of their skin sensitivity and as they grow you can transition to wipes of your choice. I recommend Aryuv in case you do not know where to start.

  1. Antiseptic or Disinfectant

It is important for disinfecting baby clothes and even when bathing.

  1. Feeding bottles

Will be very useful especially for busy moms who want to leave their young ones for a while to run errands. Can be used for both breast milk and formula.

  1. Breast pump or Formula

Sometimes breast milk may not come immediately after giving birth therefore you may need formula to supplement. Breast pump will be important especially if you are planning to go back to work.  Start expressing breast milk as early as 2 weeks when the supply is still high for storage. In this case you need breast milk storage bags.

  1. Baby feeder/bibs

For bottle feeding.

  1. Hand sanitizer

Especially after changing the baby and you have no access to soap and water.

  1. Mackintosh

For changing table or baby bed.

  1. Grooming items

Nose Frida to remove mucus from baby nose, thermometer, pair of scissors, nail cutter and file.

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