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Waweru Mburu’s Yaliyotendeka Show no longer exists!

by Fichuzi News

Waweru Mburu

Photo courtesy of Kenya Today.

Waweru Mburu is a household name. To those who love radio, especially Citizen of Royal Media Services, they are aware of what I am saying. The man has made a name for his morning and evening program, Yaliyotendeka. In the evening hours, the Yaliyotendeka show runs at exactly 8.00pm, lasting for fifteen minutes. The repeat of the same is usually in the morning of the following day 6:45 am.
This show is what has attracted most listeners to radio Citizen. Over the past few day, there has been changes to the program. Waweru Mburu is no longer featuring and the name Yaliyotendeka is not sustained.
Shisia Wasilwa has docked and is running a different one at the same times Waweru used to run his. His show is called “Banwa Kubanwa”. It runs for the same minutes, with interludes of music during three stops just like Waweru did. That indicates something.
In Kenya, when people get out of scene, especially in radio after such longer services, they are bound to retire. Working for one of the largest media houses, Waweru Mburu could be preparing for the same. His time of service has been long in the media industry. As a way of keeping the listeners, it would have been better to inform their listeners to create some psychological awareness.
In case these steps would result to something as we are thinking, then we will wish Waweru Mburu a goodbye as he exits. The old man has done his best to say things the way they are and how they should have been. His parting short proverbs that come at the end of the service will be highly missed. They showed taught us to be good in our deals and avoid corruption and crime.
To the upcoming generation of journalists, they can work harder to create the same memories that Waweru could leave for us. Very few journalists have worked hard to bring into the memories some past journalists into play again. It could be because of little mentoring they have.

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