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Who wants to buy all the Kenyan Sugar Companies?

by Fichuzi News


Politics, money and power play efficiently in Kenya. One brings the other. Later they rejoice in the same bed. In Kenya leaders have found it possible to have money then acquire power. Some acquire power then wealth. That which comes first leads to the other. They can always protect one another, courtesy of corruption.
For the same reasons our county leaders have done their best to acquire wealth. County governorship and county assembly representatives’ posts are now hot cakes. They are not as serious as the Member of Parliament’s position that would lead to the assassination of a being.
When one gets to national politics, he is likely to have the thirst for more serious posts. That is the presidency or another post near to it. In Kenya, one can vie for the presidency or become the president’s deputy.
As we head to next year’s elections, people are preparing for a battle between two presidential candidates. That is the former premiere Raila Odinga and the sitting chief of security forces Uhuru Kenyatta. The battle is a do or die for the two. Raila is said to be having the last bullet as Uhuru would want to prove his ability to retain his seat under the worst form of leadership and corruption Kenya has always witnessed. These are matters that will require massive use of money, to woo support from tribal chiefs and cruise around the country.
Secret information claims that an individual who is likely to be a presidential candidate in 2022 is planning to buy some sugar companies. The move is said to be targeting Mumias and Muhoroni. Sony Sugar Company is also not left out. Though not yet verified, it could point to a greedy nation. Our country should have the benefits of running some of the basic industries that will provide basic products like sugar. If they are all bought, then we may not have anything to own as a country.
If the said man succeeds in buying the company, he may just make enough money to do his campaigns. It has been observed that the man, who remains undisclosed, is hungry for wealth. This, apart from other suspicious wealth created in the past are strategies of using positions of power for greed and satisfaction for self-interest.
Privatizing sugar companies is not a good move by our republic. It may create a monopoly type of business that the country may not be able to control.

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