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Waiguru the next Kirinyaga governor!

by Fichuzi News

Ann Waiguru

Photo courtesy of Nation Media.

Ann Waiguru might have made away with a lot of money. The money was not hers, but tax payers’, me and you. Allegations of corruption rocked her docket forcing her to resign. The claims she had during her resignation were those of advice from her doctor. That was a way to escape embarrassment that would have strengthened the claims of her being corrupt.
After her resignation, she has been mentioned as one of the political candidates for some gubernatorial seats. The first was Nairobi then Kirinyaga. Nairobi looked like a tough one given the dominance of CORD. Kidero could be a hard man to deal with. That makes Ann Waiguru disfavored. She had to look for another possible county.
Because of her interest in politics, she is headed for a different position where she is likely to have an easy ride or be the stronger opposition to the sitting governor. The choice is Kirinyaga.
The party under whose umbrella she will be vying is not yet known. However, being close to Jubilee, she might opt for it. Should she win the party nominations, she will be the next governor for Kirinyaga County. That I am willing to bet.
The gubernatorial race is attracting senators and members of parliament alike. It is a position that people are now taking advantage of to make millions of money. Only the constitution limits them to two consecutive terms.
For Ann Waiguru, she needs to clear her name out of corruption allegations if she wants to go into the elections without blemish. Otherwise, it will be another story of the monkey changing the forest with the same traits.
Kenyan voters should also be wise to ensure they elect credible leaders into these positions. Their development projects are now dependent on their voting patterns. If they will elect people because of other reasons other than development records, they will be in trouble of lagging behind in development.

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