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Is Wabukala the new IEBC Chief?

by Fichuzi News


The just retired Archbishop Eliud Wabukala could be the next IEBC Boss after the Isaac led team accepted to exit the scene if none would blame them. Wabukala has been hinted as a favorite of some top officials from the government to take over the IEBC job.


The choosing of a new commissioner for the IEBC comes amidst plea, demonstrations and condemnation by a large part of the opposition of inefficiency in service. The last general election is cited as having been rigged after the election kits failed. The chicken gate scandal of which some officers from a United Kingdom based company were jailed for bribery is another case of which our election officials have not faced any serious trial. In most cases, the former CEO James Oswago appears to be carrying the burden.


For Wabukala o carry on with the top job, he must declare that he has stopped his service to God as a Bishop. The high calling to offer spiritual guidance dies when somebody gets into politics and any related activity. With the type of election the country has, which polarizes it, the former Bishop will just get himself into a quagmire. There will be spiritual warfare which will ruin his Godly emblem.


The decision has met several reactions as some say it is a political move meant to woo Western Kenya voters. The opposition appear not impressed by the choice as they feel it will mess up their strong hold. It is still not sure whether he I interested in the job or not. Kenyans should remain in pace to see the new IEBC Chair nominated. With less than a year to the election, people are not able to figure if the elections will be done in god time with enough preparations.

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