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Useless part of our daily life

by Fichuzi News

I have for a long time been a critic of women. Their nagging habits is one that we can never do away with. I am not sure if it is in their wiring or because of hormones. In case of harmonic imbalance, I give up. I have learnt of several changes in women which are contributed to by hormones. In the mention of hormones I become sad. It has made women behave like children at times (no apologies).

Men have hormones too. However, theirs are not as numerous as those of women except being wild if the hormones are awakened. Dare not be near them if you are a female.

Apart from biological desires which are contributed to by hormones, there are the psychological convictions. In our minds we have those desires of things we see and what effects we believe can come from them. This is called the id. It drives our desires while the superego keeps everything in control. In most circumstances we don’t utilize the later effectively. That is the reason why we do not make proper use of our conscious reasoning.

Look at a city. There are goodies and negatives everywhere. The proportion is equal.

In our minds, we have a store of what we love and what we hate. What makes us go for them is some unseen powers.

We all know that alcohol is dangerous both to our lives and pocket. We have still move to take it. We are aware that when we take unhealthy foods we are likely to get infections that may not easily be treated. We are aware that televisions spoil our children. We know that without following up on the education of our children, they will not perform in school.

Look at a man and a woman who are dating. They are so much in a relationship that they can never think critically. A man stays in a one-bedroom house. He earns well. Every end month he uses all his money without saving. The amount spent on the girlfriend is almost half (that worries). He does everything to please a woman. I hate pleasing a mortal being.

A woman who thinks of she has acquired a better woman is likely to compromise her principles. She gives in to sexual advances at the behest of remaining stuck to the man. Mistake.

There are also a group of people who have forgotten their parents, relatives and closer people. The parents are suffering while they have the ability to support. You cannot understand what they are doing with their money. Where is our conscious minds?

I hate to quarrel people. But we need to all think and measure our decisions. Next time, we need to give concrete reasons of why we never did some things. Use your id well.

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