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UNACTAD delegates robbed in town!!

by Fichuzi News

Kenyans are not reasonable people. When we have visitors, we are expected to show high level of friendship. It appears this is not our thing. We are never friendly. It is either the greed for more wealth or unemployment. This becomes worse if we have visitors.

Currently, we are hosting United Nations delegates on a business conference in Nairobi, KICC. We need to be very thankful that our country has won hearts in the world and has been chosen for such a conference. Such visitors are a blessing in business and some would extend to tourism.

It is unfortunate that a man is currently in news as having robbed some delegates. It is not yet confirmed if he stole from one or several. For a photo to be circulated online, then the story must be serious. It would be treated as an act of insubordination to just circulate somebody’s photo without their consent and to spread malice.

The man by the name Chacha John, from Isebania in Kuria West is said to have stolen from delegates. The police must be in hot pursuit of him.

chacha john mwita

Photo courtesy of Sepiyon Lemaiyan.


A photo of his identification card was circulated by Sepiyon Lemaiyan (as it was on Facebook by 20th July 2016, 20 Am.) on a Facebook page. The man is forty to years old. How has he been surviving? On robbery?

Just a little advice to thieves. They have forty days. They may not know when they will be arrested. It is therefore advisable that they get to working hard. The public is in vehemence over their misconduct. It is more shameful to target dignified visitors that we are currently hosting. It gives a bad image for our motherland.

The police should be more vigilant and guard the hotels where these envoys are spending their time. This includes workers in hotels where they may spend their time. It may just happen that this was one of the workers in a hotel, which remains undisclosed.

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