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It is history and will remain in history that Kenyans fought for their independence. The war was tough. Imagine right now, somebody taking over your home. You see your wife and children under the control of another man. In your mind they need to be liberated from the chains of suffering. That’s was the Kenya’s situation.

In our country, the events changed from the time the Portuguese arrived, then the Arabs and finally the British. The Arabs displaced the Portuguese by subjecting them to hunger and house arrest for a long time. They died one by one. You need to visit Fort Jesus and learn that their bones are still inside there. Don’t just take photos without knowing the reason why the lace was built.

When the British took over this country, there was bloodshed and war to relieve it. People lost lives. We only remember Dedan Kimathi. We only recognize the Kapenguria six. This number six seems to have bad history. They are always in jail or court at some point.

The Kapenguria six comprised of Jomo Kenyatta, Bildad Kaggia, Paul Ngei, Achieng’ Oneko, Kungu Karumba and Fred Kubai. They were under detention for our freedom. They got arrested for organizing for violence. Upon their release, nobody knows where Kungu Karumba went, up to the time I was writing this.

After the 2007 post-election violence a prosecutor at the international criminal court, Ocampo, had his envelope. He had six people in his list. People were surprised at the little number. However, there are some people who were expected in the list and never appeared. The six included Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto, Henry Kosgei, Joshua Arap Sang’, Rtd. General Hussein Ali and Francis Muthaura. They are all free now. In some cases, their prosecution never began for lack of evidence. When it narrowed down to three, they got acquitted for interference with evidence. It makes me wonder what answers they will give to God.

From the time we had the violence, there has been grief and animosity in Kenya. Negative tribalism and rests within the people. It has sparked the same in leaders, who are expected to show the way. I think Kenyans will find ways by themselves. Johnstone Muthama, Moses Kuria and their colleagues went to Pangani for speaking words that compromised national cohesion. They got released after four days. Their prosecution is currently ongoing, but be sure, they may just be free and then we forget their cases.

This is Kenya, a place where people can do or say anything they like and still be fee. A young man who had insulted the president got punished because he was a lightweight. Our problem, currently is this freedom of speech and use of social media. Robert Alai has been in the hands of the police frequently. Expect more people to be in the police hands. The hatred is boiling. The day people will be full, they will need to offload. But how? I am however waiting for the next heroic six.

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