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Are terrorists taking over the world?

by Fichuzi News

Militia groups have always kept governments busy in a cat and rat race. The state is always chasing and fighting them. This chase is long term. Mission is always to kill the last person remaining in the camp. To me, that is the most difficult thing we can ever do. We do not know the number of people in the camp and cannot claim the last man is killed.

Operations of militia groups are secrets. In most cases they find the people unaware. After an attack, information reaches us that they have confirmed involvement in the same. That, is the most annoying thing to a government.

There are internal and external militia groups. Internal militia are regional based. In Kenya, some examples are Sungusungu in Kisii, China Squad in Kisumu, Munguki in Murang’a and more. These groups have pushed for their needs but failed. After being outlawed by government, they have resorted to killing people.

International militia groups have done more killings than we can count. Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab, ISIL, are death groups. They have done more than humanity can classify as a human act. The most lethal was the bombing of the World Trade Center in America (though Physical dismisses the claims of a bombing). After the 1998 attack in the world’s superpower, they have continued and grown in numbers.

The world may be determined to end these groups but it is the most difficult thing. How these groups recruit is a mystery, but not. How they get cash is a mystery, but not. How they pay, how they feed their members, how they train are all hidden from the state. Everything is a known mystery. Some of these groups have the best people in academia. These days, they recruit university students, most of which are jobless.  With the unemployment rates, they take advantage of that and promises payments.

The intelligent recruits man their computer systems with strict directions being followed. They have to deliver on the results being given. Terrorists have serious training in programming and coding. Their language is coded and the interpretation by a normal folks is not simple. These programmers are in the league of world’s best programmers.

Today, militia groups have become the number one security concern in the world. Al Shaabab in the neighboring Somalia is making both Somalia and the bordering countries unstable. The world, including America has tried in vain to fight and end the group. American soldiers were withdrawn as soon as they settled in Somalia. The African union has done its best, taking soldiers from its member countries under AMISOM to help in the war.

I am not in any belief that these groups will be grounded any time soon. Our security system reacts after people are attacked. Intelligence gathered is never used appropriately. Blame games follow. As these happen, the groups rejoice in them and find more ways to penetrate our system. The danger is when they overpower a government and takes over a country. Imagine the rule of guns!!

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