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South African man dies after 30 days of fasting

by Fichuzi News


We must understand that God exists in three forms, the father, the son and Holy Spirit. We have the spirit within us and around us. Its works can be seen from results and not actions. The son came, we crucified him, he died and resurrected. What we do not know is the Holy Spirit.

The father is never seen. We only believe that the angels are the closest to him. The Israelis had requested Moses to speak to God to come down so that they would see him. When He decided to come, the thunder and lightning from the cloud were terrifying to an extent that they could not bear the sight of them. They retraced their demands immediately and decided to listen to his voice alone.

Angel Lucifer was chased from heaven after he had tried to compete God. The builders at Babylon were confused from the different languages they started speaking. The building never continued.

Later, in the New Testament, Jesus took forty days in the desert fasting. It is recorded that he was hungry at the end. Satan, aware of his weakness decided to test time. Little was Satan aware of the power that was driving the Son of Man, The Holy Spirit. Jesus stood the test and came out victorious. That was another time the devil was defeated.

Today, people try to fast but without faith. When fasting, we need to give needy and hungry people the foods we ought to have eaten the same day. In most occasions, we don’t observe reverence before and after fasting.

A South African man, probably a pastor decided to test waters. He wanted to break records by fasting. The man went hungry for thirty days. On that thirtieth day, he died. His body was collected and buried. That is far human beings can go to test what God has done. Some claim to pray until HIV disappears. Interesting, but when will we learn to remain to levels we can manage as mortal beings? To the South African man, he may need to answer God on why he decided to compete Him.

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