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The shame of facing an expectant woman.

by Fichuzi News


By Arap Kura

It feels so nice to bump on an old classmate. It is nicer if she is a lady
It feels nicest if she is expectant, gracefully carrying a budding life inside her. Never mind the fact that it is her fourth and you have none. You don’t even have an hint if you are viable.
But you find solace in the fact that her husband is that hawk eyed head boy who was in class eight when you, with her, were in class three. So your time in not yet.
But there is an issue here.
There is nothing as tricky as trying to take your eyes off her blessings in the short stint you stop to nurse your primary school nostalgia.

It is a draining activity! Imagine making her feel that you aren’t bothered at all with that! That your eyes didn’t even see it! You try to achieve this by looking into her eyes but that again exposes the whole hypocrisy!
You feel a blanket of guilt over your face! You are torn between laughing at your fraudulent soul and wiping dry your already sweating nose.
Your eyes begin to twitch and you look like ten Biblical Lot’s wives. This might not be of any help to you but there are brothers out there who have suffered this. And when you part, you move ten yards then heave a mighty sigh of relief!

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