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Was Sakaja denied access to the DNC Convention Center in America?

by Fichuzi News

Raila in America

Photo courtesy of Seth Odongo

This ending week is full of visits and debate on the Americans’ convention in Philadelphia where Hillary Clinton was crowned a presidential candidate. The Kenyan leaders who attended the meeting led by Raila Odinga, Moses Musalia Mudavadi and Martha Karua were featured in News. Little did we know of other people from Kenya who had tried to access the meeting.

It has since featured that Johnson Sakaja, the TNA Party Chairman was denied access to the conference venue. News has been going round on the interventions of Raila Odinga to make him access the place which might also have been futile. Later on the leaders are seen taking a meal together with Sakaja in the far end.

Sources close to Mr. Odinga hinted that he had made several calls to at least have a glimpse of the place and party. Fichuzi news, at the time we went on air, had not found credible sources to confirm this. However, the sources are believed to be close to Mr. Odinga and could be having more information of the in-house.

Finally, it would come as a free advice to our leaders that some places are not for us. When we are not invited, we need not to attend the conferences especially in countries where programs are rarely changed. I have not so far understood what our leaders went to do in America yet the same event could have been watched here on our television screens.

If the claims stated hereby are something to go by, then the leader will finally be able to make proper decisions on what events to attend and what not to attend. If in case he attended the conference, then somebody somewhere would be advised to stop spreading propaganda.

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