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Ruto loses his brother to kidney failure

by Fichuzi News

Deputy President William Ruto has lost his brother to kidney failure. Gathered information indicate he was admitted in Nairobi hospital up to Saturday 16th of July when he died.

Harrison Kiptoo will go on history as one who died because of these chronic diseases. Most of these are not treatable. They can only be maintained.

The body must have been flown to Lee funeral home in Eldoret as the burial plans are underway. The family members especially Hon Ruto has not spoken over the same. However several leaders have sent condolence messages including the Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed. On a Twitter handle, Amina wrote an emotional message to the family and friends of the man.

Heart failure and kidney problems are diseases that can take one to the ground in a slow but a determined process. They have claimed lives of both leaders and ordinary citizens. Who knows the causes of Kidney failure?

Kidney failure is not so profound in our ears. We are used to heart failure. Kidney failure is sometimes referred to renal failure. The kidney filters our blood. When it fails to filter metabolic waters, the situation is called kidney failure. Once that fails our blood becomes more contaminated and leads to other complications as impurities are added to the blood.

To notice kidney failure, one would need to check for symptoms like reduced urine and blood loss in the same. However, care should be taken as a good number of diseases have common symptoms.

Hospital checks have been proposed to most people whether they are well or not. To treat the disease would require a kidney transplant which is a very expensive endeavor to people. It can only be afforded by a few elite. Besides, there are few hospitals in Kenya that offer the same.

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