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What was Robert Alai Doing in State House?

by Fichuzi News


Photo Courtesy of Standard Digital.

Robert Alai is known for his counter Jubilee standards. He is a blogger who commands a huge following, gathering information through high intelligence and secretive connections. Every time he speaks, people do have different reactions across the political divide.
Being a critic of the sitting president, Alai has finally never given hints of him being a gentleman to the administration. He always demand actions from the state.
Yesterday, he appeared in state house together with President Uhuru Kenyatta and Wahome Thuku. People have so far wondered what he was doing thereby.
Fichuzi News has established that it is through the intervention of the president to have him attend the discussion on energy. These are discussions that will ensure proper roadmap towards the development of an energy system to provide for the needs of the people. People need energy for their industries and domestic use. The prices of installation will also go down.
The state is planning to implement the system by increasing the amount of energy generated. Besides, the rising prices of fuels has been a thorn in the flesh. The best alternative that people would have I to go for green energy. Our country has not taken advantage of the free solar and wind that can generate a lot of energy for it. If we are to go green, then there will be vast land to ensure implementation f these.
To the president, we must congratulate him for being liberal and acting without discrimination. Most Kenyans would love to hear of his inclusion of everybody irrespective of the political divides.
Finally, if we would have a culture of not seeing people as moles every time they are with the government, it will create some form of cohesion. For our republic, cohesion is the first way in which we can create the rapport with one another and make Kenya great again.

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