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Robert Alai on the Receiving end of Akothee’s Merciless Insults

by Fichuzi News

Another Man down!

Robert Alai, the Kahawa Tungu founder is on the receiving end after Akothee came with blazing insults. These two have been throwing insults at each other for a very long time. This time around it all started with a simple message request from Alai to Akothee. This came just a few days after the backlash between her and Cyprian Nyakundi.

Alai’s message  >>> “he is begging me to call him, he has a job, ” Akothee said.

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After a well laid down plan, Akothee hits back, this time around, below the belt.

Your mother sold her pusy to your dad all years and the only thing she achieved was a disgrace like you! You actually look like a product of failed abortion 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂, may I know how rich your girlfriends or wife are if any, since you started sleeping with them , or you are one of those men who are so broke that only ejaculates water while the real men who respect women were blessed with mercury , mbura get a life, Aloyi nyaka macha nga, jatich koyo , angok matho, get 2 minutes of fame on my wall, before I delete this post , you are so disgusting 🤣😂🤣😂💉💊 -Akothee

Netizens were not left behind, and below are some of the mean statements they hailed to Alai.

Aggybiana said: @magdalene_gichobi haka ni kale sura private😂😂😂😂

Nickkirinya said: this INTERNATIONAL MEN DAY will forever be remembered thanks to Vera and OTILE Brown and of course Alai and Akothee

Max_ Mwangi said: If Robert Alai commits suicide, we know who the police should arrest. 😂😂🤣

RayNicks said: If u burn wood for chacoal,this guy looks like that wood which gets burnt halfway…..we say ‘yien mofuo’ Kwa lugha yetu na akothee….an aol….I need a space ship to get me outta here 😂😂😂

Ennikahassan said: Hi sura kwani imechargiwa na stima? Lol

Kafei_fei said: Hii ndio ile sura @jessythemcanasemanga sura private😂😂😂😂

Some just offered some piece of advice :

Nittanity8 said: Alai you must be in the ICU right now, just surrender yawa😂😂

RobertNi said: You should never compete with an elephant to shit

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