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Weekends are holier days. Men of cloth do more work to bring the lost back to the fold. You expect people to be innocently looking as they receive the words of God and meditate upon them. While in the capital city, the atmosphere is spiritually charged. Voices of praise are all over, people walking to houses of worship.

On Saturdays mornings, a group of seventh day Adventists walk stealthily carrying three books. The Bible, Hymnal book and Church Lesson. On Sunday, Catholics, Anglicans, Baptists, Pentecostals, PAGs, AICs. PCEAs and many more walk to church. My worry is whether they read them after

In Nairobi, the number of churches that are on buildings around town have increased. Information gathered tells me that some of these churches have no designated buildings of worship. They use hotel rooms. These hotels are always closed on Sundays.  At the end of the service, it has to be made clear whether they will be in the same building next Sabbath rest or not. They might just hire a different building.

Some churches have also rented permanent buildings where they worship throughout. Churches that are in between a bar and a brothel in the same building. Maybe, it was God’s plan that they preach to people in such remote places.

Somewhere in Kencom, I see people getting into busses written Winners. For a long time, I have been seeing these vehicles without knowing where they are headed. On one occasion, I got to the place in line of duty. The church is a multibillion structure. I then look at some of the histories of the church and it is a can of worms opened. Anyway, I would leave that for you to look for.

In the Bible we are told of the confusion that befell the tower of Babylon. The builders started speaking different languages. Nobody would understand the other during their work. I wonder why they did not use sign language to communicate. It leaves me mouth agape to understand if they used bricks or stones. Was there cement those days?

The confusion during that time makes me believe that it is the same thing in our churches today. There is only one goal for the Church of God. To preach the everlasting gospel to everybody. However the number of denominations that have come up in the world teaches this differently. Problem number one!

The kind of message that a church preaches is an issue. There are those that have penned down to a section of the bible while some have no specific point of focus. It makes us believe that ours is better than yours and theirs. Problem number two!

Debate on the day of worship is an issue (I am not targeting anyone). The manner in which services are to be conducted is another issue. What people should sing is an issue. Greed and corruption in church is an issue. Problem number three, four, five and etc. sometimes we even confuse Satan itself.

By these ways, ways people are planning to show superiority in the current world. None is appreciative of the other. And in the end, we will all die confused. Actually, God will have lesser numbers in heaven than he expected.

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