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Did Raila go to America without invitation?

by Fichuzi News

The Orange Democratic Movement leader is currently in Philadelphia. He has attended an event in which Americans are endorsing Hillary Clinton for the presidency as the Democrats flag-bearer.

Earlier this week, he was said to have attended the event without invitation. Social media was full of reactions and actions of his supporters scoffing his haters of whether he was invited or not. That, they said is his decision and by his own means. He was using his money to attend an event that several people wanted to attend.

I am surprised at how Kenyans want to do things. They are focusing on minute issues that will not change the destiny of this country. The attendance of the leader to an event that he felt was right for him does not call for any debate.

As for Kenyans, they will always find something to say about politicians. Woe unto the politicians who have a national support like the president and leaders of opposition. The orange party leader has passed though all these in this country. But reasons that people ask is why people would do this.

It is simple. Kenyans are divided across tribal and party lines. It is a system in which our brother and sister should not be attacked, corrected and be shown his or her mistakes. Those are the dangerous sides of the society. For a long time, we have been advocating for change. People love to hear only praises and not corrections.

It is high time we stopped playing such politics. They are not the best for our country. I think, and this I am right, that Kenyans need to combine their efforts to fight corruption. The energy they have is too much to be wasted in words that do not bring food to the table. Currently, our budget is wide and can only be sustained by other borrowings from other countries. If corruption wasn’t in us, then we would provide for our country what is needed. Taxes and exuberant prices would not be in our commodities. Social amenities would be provided for the societies. Education would be advanced. Sports and farming would generate a lot of incomes for this country.

With the huge amount of natural and human resources, they we would only take five years to work reach the levels of Singapore.

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