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The price of chapatti and mandazi in Weston hotel will surprise you!

by Fichuzi News


We all know who owns Weston hotel. It is not to be hidden any longer. When Lang’ata primary school was on news for having been robbed of its land, the issue of ownership of that hotel came out. Later we noticed it is owned by the deputy president. The land under grab was said to be owned by a private developer who had some Sing names.

The issue of private developers is one that will finish us. The economy will fall because of these individuals.

Weston hotel has a secret of operation. It could be making a lot of money for the owner. Most government meetings are scheduled to take place at the venue. This could be a strategy to make money for political gains.

The prices of some commodities is said to be so high. On a twitter post a concerned Kenyan had claimed that the price of chapatti is 2000 KES while the price of a piece of mandazi is 1800 KES. This is almost fifteen times the price of a two kilogram packet of baking flour.


If this price is true, how expensive will they sell chicken or beef? What of a cup of coffee?

We have taken this country for granted. The economy is suffering because of these monopoly businesses. The hotel is said to have taken all the government meeting. The hosting is in the hotel and could be associated to some misuse of power or being opportunistic.

We have learnt how these things will stop us from growing. I understand that a hotel should be expensive depending on the people whom it was built for. It is therefore easy for individuals to pay high in five start hotels but to the taxpayers, they will have to cater for the meals of the leaders who have failed to fight corruption.

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