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POEM: Mama I speak

by Stephen Gathima

ma don’t cry in our absence
Beam with smile in our presence
You fragile heart through past tense
Ulcers high blood pressure all mess

Papa have been away since then
Back home with empty hands
The whole house in drama
Through all those miscarriages
All those nights full of wars owned

Three days without meals
the heavy green grocery debt
Your life in the street of Nairobi
Against those corrupt city council
The took all you owned

You choose the new life
In the city corridors
That tight miniskirt
Halfway covered breast
My tears boil from our heart

Can’t concentrate in class
When men call your out for a glass
Convincing me it’s the only way
To raise all our expenses

Mama daily in prayers
For everything that scares
But all in vain
Endurance of the daily pain

You lips have tested other million lips
All those empty heart
“Do their under stand why? ”
That’s what my heart been used too

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