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Planning to invest in land? Do this

by Fichuzi News

Somewhere in your rural area a piece of land is cheaply selling. Being a sensitive resource today it fetches a good amount. More can be stored in the pocket when value is added to it. Value improvement on land comes in several ways like availability of water, proper road network and an electric connection. You are lucky if your piece of land is situated along a river bank.

However your piece of land has none of these except being near the road. You have enough money to buy the land for any purpose of your benefit. Your work is involving and you are never in your rural area frequently. Well, here is an idea for you.

A friend of mine recently (two years to be exact) bought a piece of land. After all the documents were processed, he got stranded what to do with the half hectare piece. An idea of planting trees then came to him. He fenced and planted trees. His trees survived the drought between January and March, when the long rains came. Before that, he had been advised to drill a borehole since the water table was not very deep.

Two years down the line, he has added more value to the land, he managed to put up a structure and has electric power. Meanwhile, he uses solar irrigation for his trees. The borehole can supply water for a period of three months on a dry season.


That is one way value can be added to a piece of land. Today, the piece of land can fetch four times the original price after addition of electricity, a borehole and trees. What if the man decides to sell it? That’s his decision.


The simple mathematics is to get a piece of land somewhere in the remote areas and develop it. People have not realized the value of land in remote areas. What they love is an already developed home in Nairobi. I think improved lands are fetching more than one would have imagined.

If one cannot afford the amount, he can be in partnership with another developer, then they will share the profit after selling for some worthy amount. I hope we will begin to think of land as a golden resource and not places to build houses where piece will be minimal.

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