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Parental role in educating the child

by Fichuzi News

He is employed, earns a good salary and has a good wife by the societal standards of measure. His children are in school. Every need is provided for good education.

Every end term he or his wife attends a parents’ meeting in school. With the number of unnecessary graduations that even kindergarten children are subjected to, a party is thrown for success of a child. That’s good because he’s gotten into the swaying ways of the system.

The next term comes and everything continues for the whole year until your child reaches standard eight. The results shocks him. These trends continue till form four, with the child scoring dismally that even the nearest computer college teaching packages wonders what they could do with him/her.

Most of such cases end up ruining the future life of the child. Forever, the parent will remain troubled at what fate has for him.

Look! Fate had nothing for him. It was his own doing that ruined the lifestyle of the child. It is said that a tree grows how the owner wants. If left on its own, it will go its own way. He never guided the growth of the tree.

Listen parents, most teachers today are not for the profession. They are in business and all they  want is mullah money. They teach and leave the child to learn. Most burdens will be yours. You have to be the most dependable teacher. You understand science mathematics while your wife is smart in business. You know what it took to get the results. “Mbona tuandikie mate na wino upo?’.

Take it as a personal burden and do some little things. Ensure that your child has time to read. Most of them are carried away by television shows. If possible, they should not have more than three hours a week for these screens. Your can take the time and coach the child in mathematics, sciences and some language, whichever possible. If you have a reading culture, your will be interested in books that understanding the little concepts children learn in school would be easy. By the time they are in high school, they will have developed a good reading culture and problem solving techniques.

Proper follow up, guidance, equipping of your child as they study is mandatory. Attention distractors like television and computer games should be kept away. Buying books and training the child on a good reading culture will be important as well. Few recall that a child comes up in characters similar to those he or she sees on a daily basis. If you can promote good reading, they will read and with that, the future generation will have been rescued. Woe unto you if your child learns the alcohol brands from you, poor generation.

Reflect, decide and act on the education your child should have. Be the guide and they will follow to a successful end. Remind them that there has to be toil and precious time spent in cultivating good results. Show the right way and enjoy when they travel along it.

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