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Olomide released!

by Fichuzi News

Kofi Olomide

Days after the DRC musician was arrested, charged and jailed, he has just been released. The public was happy with the jailing of the musician as a lesson to other people who had unbecoming characters. Could it be what we are aware of happening to great men?

Immediately, his lawyer had pledged to file a petition with the director of prosecutions of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The man has come out.

It is likely that his case will be taken through another trial and the determination considered before a final decision is made. What we do not know is the consideration that will be given to the lady who was kicked in the stomach.

If the case is to be reviewed, one of the contemplations that will be considered is the apology he had made both in Kenya and while in DRC. The apology was a genuine one and would be better accepted if the lady accepts it. However, the extent of assault would outdo the admission of guilt.

If he is to be released, it would be deliberated of him to compensate one of his crew members. The compensation if accepted can be an alternative to his being jailed. The other factor is the failure to give an option of a fine. He was not allowed to pay a fine. In legal processes, such criminal offenses are punished with a jail term and a fine. The only cases when law does not and may be reluctant to grant a fine is a murder and treason case.

The decision from the director of prosecution is yet to be decided. It is in the hope of the entire world that the director of prosecution ill not be an amicus curiae. To the artists who cannot control their tempers hey should try and learn from this incident to control themselves in future. It is not a request that they have some self-control but a command.

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