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Nigerian actor burned while using fire in acting!

by Fichuzi News


Acting in a Nigerian movie, an actor got burnt in what looked like use of petrol. Vehicle tires were used in the scene as a way of showing the occurrence of an accident. It however failed when the actor accidentally caught fire. His entire body was burning.

The unfortunate event has caused a sorrow in Nigeria as most actors have sympathized with their fellow. But how did it happen?

The man had moved close to some burning materials as the script suggest, a video of him would be shot near the fire and be edited to show a fire accident. When it got to a real accident, the said action was ended as the people had no fire extinguisher. An empty fire extinguishing cylinder could not help the co-actors and script directors as they sought for water. What does this tell us of acting?

Actors do go through hell to bring us the final video on our screens. Imagine an actor who pretends to have been knocked by a vehicle. They do jump over a stationery vehicle to fall on the other side of the road. A paint has to be applied to show blood. The driver must come from far, trying to control the brakes as they come along. These are risks they take.

Several accidents in acting do go unexplained. The camera crew are also passing through the same difficulties as they have to ensure their shots are true. Think of those who are in action movies. What do they go through? They have to ensure they jump through higher fences, run over buildings and pretend to be fighting. The editors then use special application programs to bring us the final details on video.

It is high time the actors found safety methods of using some products like fire and detergents. It is for their benefit as they may not know of the dangers that will come their way. To the Nigerian actor, we hope he will get well soon.

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