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National Intelligence Service recommends closure of schools!

by Fichuzi News


The National Intelligence had been invited to help in collecting information on the current burning of schools. They have the techniques required to enable the efficient collection of information. Students have become a menace to us as they are setting ablaze their institutions of earning. And something is fishy about this, majorly the big schools are getting burnt.
It is unfortunate that we are waiting for information of which schools are getting burned or were burnt the previous night. That is dangerous for our future. The students who have been found guilty after such unbecoming conducts should not be allowed to stay in school anymore.
Our National Intelligence has recommended that the schools be closed. They seem to have gathered enough information and can help the government in solving or curbing the issue. For them to recommend the closure, it means they have considered the condition and are privy to some secrets.
Their recommendation of closure of schools come along information that there are plans to burn more schools. These institutions have cost the republic an arm and length to construct. It would be wise to follow their counsel. The information should not be treated as highly secretive or alarming but instead be acted upon. We might regret on the advice if we do not take immediate action and help in curbing this problem.
National Intelligence has always given information on the possible criminal activities that people plan. When the Westgate attack had settled, it was leaked to us that they had given information prior to the massacre. Ignoring their information would be tragic and regrettable as it was during that time.
The same body should be able to investigate the cases of exam leakage that made Kenya a laughing stock during the last year’ examinations. The cartels that hold our education systems hostage should be fought to redeem the degrading quality of education. The cases of exam cheating that are likely to cause he mess must be brought to an end.

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