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To the Nairobi ladies, these are the top hair salons to visit

by Fichuzi News


Women and fashion can never be separated. They want to try everything. Their hair styles, their dresses, shoes, bags, purses and so on. They are forbidden by morality to try husbands (no pun intended).

I have seen different hairstyles in the streets of Nairobi. Advertisements are all over of hair stylists and salons. Men have never had the urge to look at those styles, except the figure beholding them. I have tried to do something different, by researching on the best salons in Nairobi.

Variety of hair salons in Nairobi deal with the sale of their beauty products. Somebody runs a salon and sells the products at the same time. However, there are those that have suppliers of their products on demand basis. When they need a product, say hair oil or shampoo, they have to ask their supplier to bring it in specific amounts.

In my research, I tried to look at the best salons that have gained fame from what they do and the love that people have for the. In my research, I came up with the following list. The list is not in any order of rating. The general cover is quality and proper service.

1. Ultimate look and barber salon. It is located at the junction and Tom Mboya Avenue.
2. Afro Dizzy salon in Westlands. Woodvale grove, Krishna center at the ground floor.
3. Steve lashes and brows clinic. It is along Latema Road.
4. Farouk hair and beauty spa. In Westland’s The Mall.
5. Urban hair Nairobi, in Barclay plaza on Loita Street.
6. The roots dreadlocks center on Kimathi Street.
7. Salon Malibu in village market.
8. Maxine beauty clinic on Murishu road.
9. Kings and Queens’s beauty center on Thika Road Mall.
10. Touch of Style Salon on TRM.
These salons charge differently depending on the type of style. They have been confirmed as best in terms of the health of your hair.

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