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Women have their way of twisting events. They set the stage and manage in their way. This happens especially when they are to be taken for an organized date.

They would want to choose the route to follow and what to do. How to do things during a date is their major worry. Whoever changes the plans is hated in a similar way a hyena would do to any animal taking a piece of rotten meat from its mouth.

Men have studied their women and known what they are, and their short term focus. A few have allowed the women to take the lead in everything. They would give in during those moments.

Some men are however, very strict. They ensure that the plans are not changed once planned. These are the men who have mastered the art. Dealing with women is a thing they take straightforwardly. They know that women can create demands during good times like dates. These demands are expensive and can frustrate the pocket.

Now to women and their acts. I have never understood how these creatures think! They have never given reasons for their actions. My disgust takes me back to one particular moment.

We are walking towards a designated location, for some short hike in the afternoon. It is past lunch and we are well fed together with a friend and his wife. Actually, the food was cooked by my friend’s wife. On our way the woman hints that we need to get to the supermarket to buy snacks. This troubles me for the entire journey. Somewhere from the blues, the man changes his mind and declines the snacks proposal. I supported the man but never spoke. Woe unto us, the woman nagged us for the entire date. I later leant that she expected the man to buy something else and not the snack.

Later, the woman left early enough to respond to other issues. When we finally set on our journey back, we discussed women, a thing all men do in their safe moments. Our conclusions were that the goods are always forgotten immediately once wrong thing comes the way.

Women, please listen. When God has granted you the privilege to call a faithful man your boyfriend, pray that he remains alive. If the man gives you the attention you deserve most times then you are the luckiest. However, there are two matters that most of you use to destroy the entire system.

First, never feel too insecure. Your man needs to have friends. Keeping friends is by communication. They are both men and women. If you corner him too much and control his moves he will resist. And cheat on you. Allow them their time.

Secondly, do not forget where you got the man. Some men were not well financially. Today, they can afford a house and food. Most of them have other responsibilities to attend to. They need to share with their mothers, siblings and friends. Do not force him to do things that require monetary attention immediately. It takes time and most men work with a plan and budget. They do not like window shopping like you do.


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