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Muthama’s case on hate speech terminated.

by Fichuzi News

Court document

The case against the Machakos senator on hate speech has been terminated. Muthama had been arrested and detained in Pangani police station amongst others. They gained a name of Pangani six, just like the Kapenguria six.

When taken to court, they pleaded innocent of the charges against them. In another occasion, they had lunch with the former prime minister at Kosewe Ranalo restaurant. It was dubbed a unity meal. Kenyans have however been waiting for the end of the cases and to see who gets charged.

Before anybody would be punished, Johnstone Muthama is now free. In the decision made by the courts and in a document seen by Fichuzi News, the legislator is a free man. The document said partly that he was detained unconstitutionally and without any hate substantive reasons to support the same.

The said hate speech was on a rally to Uhuru Park where he hinted some form of intimate relationship between the former Devolution cabinet secretary Ann Waiguru and the president. Speaking of some honey application on the woman, the cohesion tea had treated that as hate speech. That is our country and the laws. The other cases that are not yet completed are what most people could be waiting for to hear and find out their course.

What now worries Kenyans is how these cases and circumstances of hate speech would end. The Deputy President had also been accused of calling Gideon Moi names in a political battle. Kenyans have surely been divided by these utterances and would need peace-encouraging statements from the leaders.

In future, leaders should be warned not to make hateful statements in their speeches. It makes their supporters develop hate in heart that would be dangerous to the cohesion spirit that we are currently to have. For the remaining five, they may as well be left free but they must move around the country to preach peace as they had suggested.

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