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Is Mudavadi Joining Raila?

by Fichuzi News


Raila Odinga, sometimes called Agwambo, which means mysterious one is mysterious. The Jubilee side of the political divide is currently making inns into areas that he had strong support in the next election. They are trying to weaken his party by wooing the perceived legislators. At times they launch projects to convince the people.

Kenyans have for the last four years been under a government where corruption reached the very depths of abomination. Raila has been fighting for these corrupt deals. Nothing serious has been done to make the people realize integrity in their country.

Raila Odinga has remained unpredictable of late. His meetings will Musalia Mudavadi in Philadelphia sent chills to the Jubilee leaders. Their reading from the same script has made Uhuru’s team uneasy with predictions. They cannot find a way to finish the man entirely.

With hints that Moses Wetang’ula will be ditching the CORD coalition, he must find an alternative and support from the Western province. Mudavadi has been hinted as mending fences with Raila. That was the only region where the Jubilee Alliance expected to make serious returns and cause the downfall of Raila Odinga.

It may just be interesting to find out that the man might realign the Rift Valley Politics as well. With the opposition of Isaac Ruto and Gideon Moi, the ODM Leader knows how opportune the region stands. This is with doubt if the followers of Uhuru Kenyatta, especially from Central, will support the deputy president in 2012.

These unfolding events are ushering us into new political shape-ups. The real political vehicle is yet to form. When they officially begin at the turn of next year, the country will be hotly charged. Most party members from the Jubilee Party are also afraid of the one party system that they are likely to form. With road signs getting obliterated in Meru, one of the strongholds, a lot is yet to happen. And with the last bullet, Raila might be so careful to shoot with careful aim.

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