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Meet the Finest young vibrant DJ in Kenya, Deejay Donavee

by Fichuzi News

There are only three things I see myself as great at in this world;
• Tearing through Chapo,
• Skipping morning classes, and
• Pointing Out Good Music.
Apparently, I listen to a great deal of music – nearby, particularly – and there are those that make me grin; and after that, there are those that make me need to shoot myself in the nuts. I can notice a good mix of music from miles away.


And this one just did her thing. She sends it through my dropbox. The mix is so awesome I feel like changing career so she can play my music. Basically, I am in love with the DJ.
She is one of the best ROHO SAFI (Clean Heart) people I know. She is my “mother”; she calls me son, I call her “Mama”. I know you will never understand so let us leave it there. She is so hardworking and jovial. Sleeps late and wakes up early with lots of homework and Dj stuffs.


AT work

donavee2 donavee3

She is that kind of a person who loudly observes and shouts that you’ve pooped on yourself again and you need to be changed. At least we are that close. We dont even talk diarrhea about our enemies.

But come on now.  If you’ve A bunch of Jomo Kenyattas  kissing your ass today, What do you do? Save that money until Wednesday and Walk straight to Rafikiz and experince the finest music from THE DJ HERSELF.

She wears many hats, a student, a Deejay, a mother (to me), and a role model.

A little Introduction
Name: Maria Mbugua
Stage name: Deejay Donavee.
Meet the brilliant Kenyan female deejay who is only 23 years old and ventured into the deejaying industry.
You can find her at Rafikiz bar and lounge every Wednesday for ladies night.
Apart from being a deejay, she is also a 3rd-year student at Kenyatta University pursuing a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management.
Her hobbies include watching movies, eating (lol), reading, listening to good music and swimming.


To book her for an event.
Email her @mariagmarya@gmail.com
Instagram @deejay_donavee

Na kabla nimesahao(Before I forget); SHE IS BEAUTIFUL TOO.

An Interview with this FINEST will follow…. Keep tuned

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