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Are media houses starved of news when Raila is away?

by Fichuzi News


Kenyan media houses are always interesting to watch especially in the presence of Raila Odinga. He has commanded news headlines and political calendars. The going to America of the ODM leader is said to have starved the newsrooms of content. People are also not glued to screens for lack of what to watch.

In Kenya they say politics is either with Raila or working for his enemies. That is true to some extent. Being in cord means you must work for him as being in Jubilee means you work against him. Feared and loved in equal zeal at the same time is interesting.

As of now, the ODM leader is in America for the endorsement of Democrats Party candidate Hillary Clinton as a flag bearer to the November elections.

When present in the country, he is full of criticism to the government. He condemns any wrong doing of the state. He makes rallies to places where former allies have decided to quit the party in protest. Another leader would also mention him in support or condemnation to stop vying next year. Political analysts will also state during interviews how he has one last bullet.

These are true of the Orange party leader. He is important for the media houses in a country where politics is given a priority.

For or media houses it is an indicator of how unfocussed they are in terms of news coverage. Currently, there are famines in several parts of the country. They need to have proper programs that will benefit the people. If for example, they would have an hour dedicated to agricultural trainings, they would have increased the viewership of farmers.

If they would show sports and other local programs, a good number will not go to the internet to search for information. It is proper they change their system of broadcast to allow them keep viewers from all sects of the society.

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